The new fur coat is so expensive, it is determined by the fur material level and dosage. Foreign market prices has been the domestic fur coat on the new price. In the fur on the raw material supply, the current foreign market is still dominant in senior fur, fur abroad have professional fur auction house for marketing promotion. The mink were strictly divided into levels by auction, estimate and then according to the buyer to buy the finished product quantity, distribution of the corresponding number sealing sample. Although domestic processing cost is not high, but because of high grade raw material is expensive, this part of the fur on the market price is higher, ten thousand yuan.

Part of this new fur coat price is relatively low, this is because the raw materials in domestic, cony, fox fur, for example, the price is in commonly one thousand yuan. Than those expensive fur, the low price products sell like hot cakes very much. Artificial fur is much more cheaper, of course, and environmental protection.

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