Hi! I'm Xiaoting~

Dita Von Teese once said:

"Underwear is not for women to seduce men

It's to make yourself more feminine."

But do not deny, good-looking sexy underwear

It can really make couples in love closer

And a few straight men in our studio

Opinions on "Girls Wear Erotic Lingerie"

it's all like this

Whoops, to sum it up:

Can be worn, but not required

It's okay to wear it occasionally to add some fun

But! Be sure to take into account your own feelings!

It's uncomfortable to wear, and I don't like it

just to attract a boyfriend

real! completely! No need! !

because of uncomfortable underwear

The damage to the chest is very, very large!

It is easy to cause various breast diseases

Breast hyperplasia, cyst

There's even breast cancer, the 'number one killer of women'

It's scary just thinking about it!

However, although I don't care about boys' preferences

Most girls choose underwear will also pay more attention to appearance

After all, fairies are both internal and external!

Comfortable and good-looking, why not have both?

Only children make choices, adults do!

There are quite a few styles of underwear like my own

Comfortable without rims, good-looking and sexy, gathered...

If I had to pick one, I would be satisfied

And cheap underwear

I was the first to think of it~

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