Whether it is a young couple or an old couple, after being together for a long time,

Just like the left hand touching the right hand, life is as plain as water, without the slightest turbulence.

At this time, I want to add some freshness to the life of two people together,

Then the simpler way than changing the object is to change the underwear.

If you want to add a little more fun, combine the two,

The answer is obvious: "sex lingerie."

I don't know when it started

When it comes to erotic lingerie

Our reaction is like this

"Isn't erotic lingerie used to seduce men?"

"How can a serious girl wear such a thing?"

"I won't wear it anyway"

even talking about

When who bought a piece of erotic lingerie

will receive a meaningful

"Oooo~" or "Yiiii~"

As if this is such a shameful thing

In fact, most people hate erotic lingerie

because it is always intentional or unintentional

get in touch with sex

make one feel embarrassed

but you imagine

When taking off your usual socializing clothes

Let him see the different you inside

He must be crazy about it

like before opening the package

never know what's inside

A completely different freshness every time

But who said

Erotic lingerie can only be used to please men?

Why can't you use it to please yourself?

when your body is at its best

you are in front of the mirror

Put on your favorite lingerie

hazy outlines beautiful curves

that moment

The pleasure you get is comparable to buying a limited-edition bag

They say women with makeup

feel invincible

The one who wears the right underwear

Charm is the real inside out

As a derivative of underwear, erotic underwear is visually

It is more impactful than ordinary underwear, and it makes people feel itchy.

Sensual but not vulgar, independent but not boring

Dita Von Teese once said

"Underwear is not for women to seduce men

It's about letting women embrace their femininity."

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