The new sleep system I chose the STS inflatable sleeping pad (black), R value 6.2 (used below -6 degrees) single inflatable pad. 184 head can only choose 201 * 64 wide pad (the most expensive one), one of the reasons is also to perfectly fit the helinox cot max marching bed. 10cm thickness and the thickness of the original foam pad consistent, very objective, thanks to Several independent air support units and special welding method, so that the body and sleeping pad fit extremely well, there will be no collapse, I even feel that the whole person is wrapped, tested two consecutive nights, are a sleep to dawn, the comfort of the second sponge pad! The combination of thin metal insulation layer plus thermal insulation material, I personally think the principle is similar to heat reflection, the instant the skin touches the bed surface can feel the heat feedback, this is very black technology, in the single solo outdoor extreme cold can cope with the words, to cope with a more complete configuration of moving camping simply downgrade. The overall material with three layers of different materials fabric composition, anti-tear puncture resistance, light and breathable, warmth lock heat. Also comes with 3M Velcro, glued to the locking area and STS pillow can be achieved after bonding.


Weight 1050g, after storage is 28 & 18.5 cylinder, filling compared to that gray 3.2R value inflatable cushion thicker so a little thicker, but also very easy to store into the backpack or storage box. At the same time, the rear of the storage bag built-in a portable inflatable bag, open the easy to achieve the pressure of inflation.


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