fox fur:

As the name suggests, it is a fabric made of fox skin. Of course, there are many kinds of foxes, such as white fox, blue fox and crystal fox. The dyeability and color fastness of fox skin are good, so we see fox skin fabrics They are all rich in color, and fox fur also has good warmth retention, which is a boutique in fur.


This is also the type of fur fabric we hear most often. In our impression, mink coats seem to be a symbol of wealth. It also has the title of the king of furs. The effect is better than the previous fox fur and rex rabbit fur. The price of mink products is naturally extremely expensive.

Fur fabrics are the general term for animal fur fabrics. Such fabrics are generally made of sheepskin, mink, etc. after processing. The raw materials of the fabrics are relatively scarce and have good quality, so the price of fur fabrics is also extremely expensive.

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