Huahua's earliest design is men's clothing. When I first came into contact with erotic lingerie, a friend found her to chat with her about the industry. This made Hua Hua curious because she had no previous experience in buying erotic lingerie.

So Huahua did some research, and after reading a lot of sexy lingerie on the market, she had a very deep feeling:

"What is this?"

She looked through many Taobao stores and offline stores, and found that these sellers of erotic lingerie, without exception, made female models pose "charming", and there was very little fabric.

Some images are simply disliked by Huahua, others are unpleasant.

For example, in the main picture of a certain piece of clothing that impressed Huahua deeply, the girl is wearing that sexy lingerie, kneeling, and the boy is standing behind. In Huahua's view, this posture is of course no problem when actually having a relationship, but as a commodity The main picture, placed on the public platform, is really inappropriate.

"For a lot of girls who aren't confident and self-aware enough, it makes them think that sex is what it's all about, and that it can only be this way."

The more she looked at it, the more angry she became, and she also determined to do erotic lingerie: If all the erotic lingerie on the market are like this, why don't I do something to speak up, why don't I do something for my sisters.

Girls should wear sexy lingerie because they like it, not to please or "seduce" someone. Since there are almost no such products on the market, I will do it myself!

Huahua believes that the body of Eastern girls is different from that of Western girls, and they tend to be less "bumpy". And because of various reasons such as culture, many clothing designs on the whole are more restrained.

But some so-called sexy lingerie caters more to men's aesthetics and is not suitable for Chinese girls.

So Huahua decided to start her own business, trying to capture the girl's emotional feelings before having a relationship, to design.

She wants girls to wear clothes she designs because they like it, not just because her partner likes it.

At the beginning, many independent designer friends or other brand managers did not understand, and felt that how Huahua gave up his well-made men's clothing to make this clothing category that seemed a bit "off the table".

But now, Huahua has done the third season, and they understand at once - Huahua's sexy lingerie design is not a tool to cater to men, let alone pornography, here is only about beauty, about girls and her confidence.

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