As a female designer, as a woman, Hua Hua deeply feels the beauty of East Asian women.

In contrast, this beauty may be more restrained and restrained. So she used more hollow fabrics to show the most beautiful curves of women. Hua Hua believes that the more exposed the flesh, the better.

In many designs, careful consideration of flowers is hidden.

For example, many erotic lingerie on the market often add a hair ball to the buttocks to make girls look like small animals; but Huahua chose to put the hair ball on the chest to make a zipper - so you can pull it off yourself .

"It's me who wants to open up my body and communicate deeply with you, instead of passively letting TA people open it up."

It's not just a small idea on a dress, in fact, she keeps all the zippers and buttons within the reach of the girls.

"Because that's your own body, and you're in charge."

In design, Hua Hua does not emphasize "charm", but "control" over her body.

The flowers in life are also such people. She disapproves of people who cater to her with a low profile, both in life and sex.

She once helped her best friend catch a cheating man and found other victims together. So she accompanied her best friend, let others check her body, and reminded girls not to waste time for scumbags - there is no imagined female competition, only mutual protection between girls.

Many girls will choose according to their partner's preferences when buying, and then "customer service" Huahua will jump out: you like to buy again.

There are also girls who want to buy sexy underwear designed by her, lower their posture to pursue the other party, and even after the other party refuses, they want to approach the TA in a way that meets the other party's physiological needs.

Hua Hua told her, "In that case, I won't be very happy if you go in in my clothes."

She wants girls in a relationship to fight for what they want and be free-spirited.

"Most of the sexy lingerie in the Chinese market now have no idea, just for exposure. But I hope to slowly cultivate the habits and awareness of consumers through the brand.

"For example, this season's theme is the end of the road, about two girls desperate for freedom.

"I want to tell girls over and over again through my product that you can be a strong person, that you can control your body, your heart, and you don't have to serve anyone."

Talk about what if someone calls you "disrespectful" in this line of work?

Hua Hua said: "If it is a brand channel, I will definitely reply with an official reply. But if it is against me, if it is on an unofficial channel, then I will definitely scold me back. He scolds me for how fierce, and I will double back. "

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