Camping triangle flag Camping flag

Camp triangle flag Camping tent Memorial triangle flag


This is not very common, this long triangle flag first appeared in the United States when some college games, summer camps, music festivals and other activities, people to support their own team, or as a souvenir of the event festival; later slowly popular, especially outdoor activities when camping, many people hang the triangle flag on the side of the tent or camping light pole, as a decoration or to identify their camp The pendant is a characteristic of camping culture. It is a characteristic of camping culture


The two flags, one is the Forest Bear Police's STAY WILD slogan, which is a slogan calling for the preservation of nature and the protection of the forest, keeping it pristine and resisting over-exploitation of the forest.


The other side is a slogan encouraging people in the city to go out, go camping Go Camping, with a line from Rousseau: THERE IS A PLEASURE IN THE PATHLEDS WOOD; it is the best explanation of people should embrace nature!


You can hang it in the campground, but also in your study or room as a decoration, very nice!
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