Fur-integrated clothes are particularly good at keeping warm, and fur-integrated clothes are made of animal skin and fur. You can think about whether the animals are cold in winter but not frozen to death, the clothes you wear and the fur of the animals. will it be cold

Fur is a garment made from the skin of an animal, and a piece of fur is a garment made from animal skin and fur. The sources of the two are different: fur mainly comes from foxes, minks, raccoons, rex rabbits, cattle and sheep, etc., and the fur is one. The common ones are rabbits, foxes, etc., and the main source is sheep.

Generally, the life of a coat with fur is three years. If it is properly maintained, it can prolong its life and can be worn for more years. If a coat with fur is dirty, it is recommended to send it to a professional store for care.

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