As a girl who has bought erotic lingerie, worn erotic lingerie, taken private portraits, and participated in lingerie brand launches, if I were to ask what my understanding of erotic lingerie is?


I would say that erotic lingerie is actually for women.


Some people say that men are visual animals, so erotic lingerie is worn to create visual stimulation and to please men. But in my opinion, women are ambient animals, erotic lingerie is actually a woman in order to create the atmosphere, for their own selection of a playsuit.


The romance of lace, the hardness of leather, the softness of silk, the wildness of leopard print ...... different colors, a hundred different kinds of attire wrapped around the body, so that women get a new identity at the same time, but also look forward to a different experience.


Before the costume change, you are just boring and boring home girl.


After the costume change, you transformed into a sexy and sexy wildcat.


Before the costume change, you may just want to be a pillow princess.


After the costume change, you must want to be the knight in shining armor ......


Erotic lingerie is a woman's self-suggestion: I'm sexy, I'm attractive, I like myself like this.


As the status of women has improved, lingerie has become lighter and more comfortable while also interpreting the desires of women themselves. If external clothing is the manifestation of social identity, lingerie is an extension of the self, then sexy lingerie is the embodiment of lust, right?


From carrying the male gaze, to filling the fantasies of women, erotic lingerie is both a battle robe, but also our life is spotted wild and difficult to release the imagination, in every ordinary night, can seek an outlet.

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