Steez Limited SV, Water Drop Wheel

The "ceiling" Steez Limited SV in the water droplet wheel, the whole network is hard to find a few, and the friends who have a friend who know knows are widely collected from the four disciples family: LTD SV, Air, A TW HLC, CT SV It is said that the Shi Diz Air is the kettlement of the microscopic wheel, far-reaching HLC, SV uses a lightweight line cup of the extra bait, these wheels are really unknown! This wheel is that the Mercedes-Benz level has a brand performance that will oil (tooth sensation, abnormal sound) TWS does not have no disappointment to fight the mouth. It is said that this wheel can reach 98% of the cat.

Performance release is also completely fully met! Throwing a small detail problem, not, this wheel is really invincible, of course, is not suitable for novices! Novice can choose the entry level I also have a detailed summary of everyone who is interested in the right to novice!
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