1. Bright color, smooth and super soft, the perfect combination of luxury and dignity!

  2. The whole dress is made of whole piece of high-quality mink fur, the fur is soft, delicate and shiny, smooth and super soft, the perfect combination of luxury and nobility!

  Low-key, luxurious and elegant monkey and rabbit fur collar, three-dimensional suit version is neutral and elegant, delicate and soft to the touch, comfortable and warm! The low-key and luxurious monkey and rabbit fur design outlines low-key luxury and is as fashionable as this winter!

3. Luxurious mink fashion design, unique retro formula, traditional seriousness, replaced by refined elegance.

  4. The luxurious and atmospheric mink fur, the large lapels show the gorgeous atmosphere, the V-shaped clothing mouth shows the elegant and sexy, the traditional serious atmosphere, replaced by the elegant style of excellence.

5. A symbol of elegance and noble charm, full of noble and elegant charm, attracting luxury fox hair accessories, bright colors, soft and delicate! Six luxurious and elegant mink collars, the large lapel shows the unique and elegant charm of women, the perfect combination of luxury and nobility, showing the elegant and noble style of women!

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