After wearing erotic lingerie, how do you usually open the show?

The other day we pushed a tweet "boyfriend wants to play SM with me, how do I do", some sisters after reading the tweet, excited to buy a set of erotic lingerie, I thought that after wearing erotic lingerie, they will be a lot of style, can be a minute to tease the husband can't help it.

But I did not expect that after taking a shower, after changing the erotic lingerie in the bathroom, suddenly did not know how to come out, did not know what expression to make, and did not know what to say to her husband in the first sentence, after changing clothes in the bathroom, not twisted to stay for half an hour before coming out, her husband has been impatient.

Why does this happen? After wearing erotic lingerie, how to start it?

Today I will teach you white how to play with erotic lingerie, tease his desire limit.

01. The three major pain points of uniform seduction

Newcomers in playing uniform seduction, generally will encounter the following three dilemmas, today I will give you a one-by-one analysis, to see which category you are yourself.

Pain point 1: change the soup not change the medicine

This should be the most fundamental pain point when it comes to uniform seduction.

Many people change into the uniform, do not know what to do, only when a change of clothes to belching, and then people did not change, the feeling of sex did not change, and even the process of sex with the usual are the same.

Then of course, it is easy to embarrass, because the love uniform is not the clothes you would normally wear, it is too different from the clothes you usually wear, the other party will look at our eyes will also change, it is really difficult to rely on a piece of clothing on a glance into the scene.

Pain point 2: Can't act or tease

Maybe even if you know, not only to change clothes, but also should be a bit of drama, but what should be said specifically to talk about what, or do not know how to do.

That's why they stay in the bathroom for so long and don't go out, they don't know what to say after they go out, and then they don't say anything after they go out, they squirm, so of course they can't play.

Pain point 3: can not scratch the itch

There is another situation, that is, you carefully prepared half a day, there is a plot and lines, but the other party's response is flat, did not feel very surprised, this is because you did not play on the other party's point.

How to understand this point? He may like the cute white rabbit, but you opened with a sexy fox, he is not cold and understandable.
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