How to role play with uniforms?

Through the above analysis, you may also know where your problem lies, next I'll teach you how to break the situation, the erotic lingerie to wear a new self.

Technique 1: wear a new charm

Want to put the function of the erotic lingerie to the best use, you must change your temperament according to the different erotic lingerie.

For example, if you are wearing a nurse's outfit, you have to immerse yourself in the role of a nurse at the moment; if you are playing a hotel stripper, then you first have to be able to dance a little and be able to take off while dancing.

It is according to the role of the erotic lingerie you wear different, you should be high cold on the high cold, the sexy on the sexy, the innocent on the innocent, the cute on the cute.

Wearing erotic lingerie, you are not your original self, you put on clothes to say things, and you originally had nothing to do with the look.

Erotic lingerie is your umbrella at that time, you can repress the usual imagination about sex all into reality, and the greater the difference in temperament between the role and the real person, the better the flirting effect.

You must have a sense of conviction to immerse yourself in the role.

Tip 2: Use role play to create a sexy atmosphere

This sexy atmosphere, in fact, is the scene that allows you to quickly into the role state.

The general lovemaking is not in bed, but some scenes, or role-playing is not suitable in bed.

For example, you play a road by a homeless man robbed of money and robbed of beauty, you should at least let your partner know in advance, today is a kind of drama, and then you need to prepare some props.

Because the road was robbed well, you can choose this scene in a relatively private place at home to create that atmosphere, you can directly lay a carpet on the floor as a lawn well.

Then prepare a hard and knife shape similar objects, when he robbed you threaten you: "do not behave, you will scratch your face. When the time, can be used as a knife. (Here is not recommended to use a real knife oh, so that accidents do not occur so that two people scratch)

This time you can also put some street sound effects, or if you live at home on the lower floors, you can directly open the window and listen to the noise outside, the effect will be better oh.

Technique 3: tease him to the heart

How can we tease him to his heart?

You have to have a very accommodating mindset first, don't want to refuse once he mentions something, you didn't even try.

Or what kind of idea he said, you think he is decent, or perverted, so that the playable options become very limited.

Then find the opportunity to talk about his sexual fantasies, and what type of small movies he usually likes to watch.

You can find a small film site yourself, the different kinds of small films are watching a few, and so you see more, on a variety of types of natural to be able to master.

Then at first, you can pick the role according to his preferences, and you can hit the spot to flirt with his stupidity.

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