How to control the fire outdoors is a very sensitive topic 1. Frying pan type fire station This type of frying pan is also often seen in delicate camping. It can be used directly as a frying pan. You can fry eggs, barbecue, and stir-fry with oil. It is suitable for frying. It can also be used as a fire pit for heating. Due to the large area of the baking pan, which is mostly made of cast iron, it has a strong ability to withstand flames. You can consider adding more fuel. When cooking, be careful not to use an iron shovel, and try to use silica gel or wood to avoid wear and tear on the pot. 2. Portable incinerator As mentioned earlier, many people think that the burning platform is large, bulky, heavy, inconvenient to carry, and very troublesome to clean up. And this portable incinerator subverts your cognition. After being folded and stored, you can hardly feel its existence. Under the same appearance as an ordinary small storage stool, its mesh surface is made of very high temperature resistant materials. . Water is needed almost every time to put out a fire. Ordinary cast iron incinerators will rust after a long time, and this 304 stainless steel material is not easy to be corroded. It can be used for heating, and can also be used with a tripod to cook. Mobile portability is its outstanding advantage. This small portable incinerator is ideal for a family of three to travel. 3. Charcoal barrel Charcoal-burning barrels are also called charcoal stoves and fire barrels, and are known as ignition artifacts. If the weather is bad outdoors, it is really time-consuming and laborious to start a fire. This kind of charcoal barrel has a simple and exquisite design. Usually, only a few twigs can be used to ignite. It can also be used as a stove to cook rice and boil water. This kind of firearm belongs to the barrel-type design, the fire is not large, and the burning is long-lasting, and it is relatively easy to control. It is also very convenient when cleaning. 4. Tripod rings Strictly speaking, this is not a piece of equipment directly related to fire and barbecue. But its design is very ingenious. When you are not allowed to carry a tripod and it is inconvenient, you can use this small object for DIY outdoors. When making a tripod, it should be noted that the selected wood needs to be as close as possible in terms of hardness and length to avoid an unstable center of gravity. The disadvantage is that this kind of self-made tripod has a relatively limited bearing capacity, and when the fire is too large, there is a danger of being caught by the fire, so you must pay attention to controlling the fire. The usage of each grill and grill is different. Only by constantly running in and testing can we find the fun in it. This is also the real fun that outdoor brings us. In different camping areas, according to different existing conditions, as well as the influence of weather and temperature, it is actually a more troublesome thing to prepare a meal outdoors. Some people say that if it is so troublesome, it is better to bring some ready-made ones, so that you can sleep more comfortably after eating. As everyone knows, cooking and using fire are also an indispensable part of outdoor life. Whether it's the hot day of fancy camping, or the traditional long-haul line of reloading, leaving the fire will be boring.

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