Camping BBQ Makes Ordinary Days Fun Spring is too short to cherish this comfortable weather Go outside and find that the trees are sprouting The green and green color is so pretty The weather is good on the weekend, the family is free Have a nice family day Equipment for camping with BBQ Have a great weekend eating and drinking together Because my little nephew wanted to live in a tent We're here for a no-overnight camp this time. The coolest aunt must have the coolest tent Two people with books, playing and reading in the tent We adults are eating, drinking and chatting outside Rare relaxation time Here, you need to bring your own barbecue grill, barbecue supplies, only water, tables and chairs, and others need to bring your own. The garden can be picked in all seasons, and now there are strawberries and vegetables in this season If you bring children, it is recommended to bring a football. There is a lawn where you can play football and set up tents. Camping gear: Black Deer | Indian Combination Tent I recently entered a camping pit, and the first thing I entered was a tent. At a glance, I took a fancy to this tent with a canopy from Black Deer. Later, I read various reviews. The practicality is good, and the design is reasonable and convenient, so I started to talk about the experience of use. It's very easy to build. After watching the building video on the homepage, two people quickly got it done. The design of double doors is really convenient. We chat in the front, and the children enter from the back door without affecting each other. The space is large, the sun is very strong at noon, and five or six people under the sky are also active. Storage does not take up space, because there is no basement at home, this is still very important, it can be stuffed into the closet without taking up space

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