DIY homemade bamboo egg roll table cell phone photo

For the first time with their own production of bamboo egg roll table to shoot film, no photography skills, no professional equipment, with the original iPhone11 camera.


Many people have misconceptions about bamboo, and should not know enough about it. I hope this set of photos can show people that bamboo is no worse than beech wood in terms of hardness, class, beauty and durability.


In 1999, beech wood was listed as a second-class protected plant and banned from harvesting. Currently, all domestic beech wood materials are imported from North America and Europe.


Bamboo takes only 5 years to grow into timber and does not require artificial planting after felling, making it a green and renewable resource. Beech wood, on the other hand, takes 50 years to mature and if it is not artificially cultivated after cutting, patches of forest will disappear. If you choose to use bamboo instead of wood in your life, you are also contributing to the green of the earth.


Off topic: Near noon, an old man mowing the public lawn curiously came over and asked: Hi, man, are you shooting the bed? Looking at his tanned Southeast Asian-like dark complexion, sweaty clothes and pants, I sincerely sigh, even this age are so hard work, we have a reason not to work hard?

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