Here comes the sharing post of camping lights!

All the lights are included, five in total, with layers of lighting that will render the camping atmosphere to the extreme

 The light is the domestic brand sunrei star wild, there are two modes, candle light and lighting light, can be ambient can lighting, can be hung can sit, and rain, charge a charge with dozens of hours, the texture is superb, the price of more than three hundred small expensive, but the use of down, or can feel the cost performance

The lighting lamp, plus the lampshade, bought in a Ba, plus the lampshade is only fifty, you can put the light together to illuminate the desktop, three gear adjustment, the atmosphere is also very good, is the lampshade can not be folded, the portability of the general, outdoor sense is not as good as the last

A hundred, this one personally feel not recommended for people who are not skilled in the use of gas tanks, the first time I bought the home to try, the method is not right, almost did not put the house on fire, mainly to be placed on the desktop to play the role of the atmosphere

Light strings, the king of the atmosphere is coming, the biggest advantage of camping hands necessary cheap, I bought three strings, a string of ten meters, 20 yuan, there are two strings of three meters each, a three meters plus a ten meters, you can go around the whole canopy a circle, a person out solo when not tie the canopy, the tent vestibule propped up, two strings of three meters a total of six meters just right

The ground lamp, which is not the pit camping buy, bought a long time ago to play at home with the bar lamp, put at home with a dozen dollars, but also can be customized logo, you can customize a camping-related text or something, when you go out a lot of times put on the ground, or put the tent inside the bed, belong to the optional light, I like the staggered atmosphere, so many times also bring it

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