Have you ever worn erotic lingerie, or bought your beloved significant other erotic lingerie?

If both partners are looking to add a little freshness to their fapping session, one of the fastest and easiest ways to do so is to buy a patting gown.

There's a saying that once you're wearing black silk, your boyfriend's legs will go limp.

A tapping robe is a great way to get your boyfriend in your bed for a good night's sleep.

So today, I'm going to bring you some tips on how to choose your lingerie.

The most important misconceptions about erotic lingerie

Only skinny people can wear them?

"I'm not happy with my body, will I look bad in erotic lingerie."

Some women don't want to wear erotic lingerie, but rather it stems from a lack of confidence in themselves. Erotic lingerie can be more revealing and women feel that it is an exclusive flirting tool for thin people, when in fact full-figured women may look sexier when wearing erotic lingerie~.

After all, there is beauty in being thin and beauty in being fat, and body anxiety is a limiting concept for women, so leave it be!

No one can resist a confident, flirtatious woman in a battle robe, oozing old lady charm at its best. Show your lover in beautiful erotic lingerie and he'll be smitten with you even if you don't have a devilish figure.

Only women can wear them?

Of course there is also men's erotic lingerie, little leather jackets, thongs and collars at .......

Everything you can imagine can be found on the almighty website. Who says that only women can play kittens, men can also cosplay various characters once in a while.

Here you will find "kittens" in your life." Kittens" are a very important role to play here.

Erotic lingerie = vulgarity?

The Victoria's Secret show has been seen by everyone? The thongs, stockings and see-through bras worn by the V.I.A. angels are called high class erotic lingerie, right?

This is what is called "high class erotic lingerie." The thongs, stockings and see-through bras worn by the ladies in Victoria's Secret are all premium erotic lingerie.

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