When you open an orange app and search for erotic lingerie, the chances are that all you'll see on the first page are eye-catching three-point designs, cut-out mesh and oddly coloured see-through fabrics.

It's embarrassing to the point of toeing the floor, and it's basically unattractive to wear.

In today's mindset, erotic lingerie is still a disposable item, so you may be inclined to choose cheaper ones that can even cause skin irritation.

In fact, the right erotic lingerie can be used over and over again, just like everyday clothes~

Common erotic lingerie can be divided into two broad categories

Lingerie nightgowns

This type of design is more acceptable to shy and conservative fairies as it can also be used as everyday sleepwear. They are erotic but not pornographic, and occasionally they can be used to give a little spark to your ordinary life.

After all, it is to wear to bed, when picking can be more considered fabric (ice silk or silk), when he picks you up, the first touch is also super silky smooth.

The first thing you can do is to choose a short version that is waist-hugging to show your waist and legs, and it's also easy to lift up and have sex directly.

Role play

Maids, students, nurses, stewardesses, all kinds of uniform temptation. For men, the most exciting thing is that they are obviously sleeping with the same person, but it is like a new look every day, which is full of freshness, which man can stand it!

If your preferences are not too different, you can choose something you both like. If you have different preferences, you can choose to satisfy one person at a time.

The first thing you need to do is to find out what roles are absolutely unacceptable to both parties, otherwise you will be ruined if you step on a minefield ~ for example, some people like queens and some people are disgusted ~ two extremes

Different colours of erotic lingerie can also convey different feelings

The red color gives the strongest visual impact and is suitable for women with white skin and a voluptuous body, making it easy for him to feel a strong urge for X and possessiveness.

White is the representative colour of innocence, the pure desire to go soft and loving, can provoke his exuberant desire to protect, eager to have a tender, romantic entanglement.

Black is the most mysterious and seductive colour, emanating a noble queenly aura, making people want to conquer and explore. It is also the most versatile colour, and is not fussy about body or skin tone.

If you're the lucky man and your other half is willing to wear erotic lingerie for you, all you have to do is compliment her, compliment her, compliment her!

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