When I talk to many male customers about how to solve the problem of lack of sexual interest between couples, they always say they want to buy erotic lingerie for their girlfriends, one doesn't work buy two, what stockings, nurse's outfits, stewardess outfits and so on, saying that this will arouse their curiosity.

But they miss the point: love is the prerequisite for all curiosity, and erotic lingerie is not a cure for all ills.

A girl once said to me, almost with a sneer, that if erotic lingerie worked, then there wouldn't be so many broken relationships and sexual discord, and men's cold hearts wouldn't be so easily stirred.

Perhaps influenced by the erotic culture of movies, or perhaps fueled by consumerism, erotic lingerie is becoming more and more accessible. The city of Lianyungang has been the home of erotic lingerie for a long time now, and basically, a little bit of erotic lingerie can be had for as little as 10-20 yuan a piece, which is very cheap, while some of the high-end ones can go up to several thousand a piece, covering a very wide range.

This is why women often put themselves under the covers after wearing erotic lingerie, revealing only a little bit of their sexuality. The lingerie greatly satisfies the male fantasy of women, but female friends should know that wearing lingerie is not just to meet men, to a large extent this is self-pleasure, self-appreciation, because men and women are lovers of beauty, girls see beautiful women will also produce I can mentality, then why can not this person be themselves?

And if a woman herself wears erotic lingerie just to please men and to please men, what's the difference between that and licking a dog? Licking your face to please a man, if the other side responds warmly, that's fine, but if it's hot and cold, then how do you live with yourself? Two people should be equal whether they are in love or in bed.

I have a customer told me, before and boyfriend quarrel, cold war for a long time, and then suddenly thought of the online visible some titillation male secret, there is a bed climbing method, bought an exceptionally hot erotic clothes, in the evening slowly, enchanting climb to their boyfriend, I think if it is me, then I think will not be able to hold, but which male estimate is still in the gas, back a: what do ah, this big night?

It's just a big bummer!

So a man's sexual interest in another man stems from curiosity and love. A man's love for erotic lingerie is just because he is curious, he is curious what lovemaking feels like after you put on erotic clothing, he is curious about the kind of shy gesture you get after you put it on, this curiosity. It comes from his love for you.

And this sense of curiosity should be generated by the woman herself.

When a woman puts on her favourite erotic lingerie, plays her favourite role and enjoys the extra freshness and excitement that erotic lingerie brings, then she herself will enjoy the whole process and the man becomes a supporting actor in the process, the woman herself is very involved when the man can be better driven. At this point the woman becomes the active initiator and the dominant party in the relationship.

What men covet is your shyness and cuteness, as well as your confidence and flirtation, not your humble pleas for pleasure.

That's why I never advise girls to buy erotic lingerie, and I never stock it in my shop.

Unless they themselves are sexually interested in being more accepting of sex, more comfortable with their bodies and more confident in enjoying fish and water, then they will go and buy them themselves, and many shops have good enough erotic lingerie. They are merely a prop, not the secret to winning lovemaking.

Women wear erotic lingerie first to do their own appreciation of themselves, after that is to let men appreciate you, if you two like glue, then you can buy brainless, you wear which one, how to show, your boyfriend will be transformed into LSP, because you are confident ah, you appreciate yourself, you also know that your man appreciate you. And if you're expecting erotic lingerie to save your sex life, you'll probably be disappointed.

It's the confidence and fun that emanates from within that is the point of curiosity for me more than the external adornment and playfulness, and once the curiosity is there, I'm willing to peel back your clothes and step into your inner world to get to know and understand each other.

Because the essence of sex is a communication and exchange.

Erotic lingerie is just an external atmosphere to create, just like two interesting people who walk around with love, two people who don't talk to each other, and can't talk in a good environment. Erotic lingerie is the icing on the cake, not the cherry on top. Please buy erotic lingerie when you are in a good relationship, and when you are in a bad relationship, dress up and sit down to listen and understand each other carefully.

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