Fall and winter camping is often accompanied by hot food and hot water needs, the mainstay of which is the stove. Stoves are generally divided into oil stoves, gas stoves, alcohol stoves and wood stoves.

Alcohol stoves are less stable and suitable for boiling water; wood stoves are troublesome to maintain and heavy. Both are not very suitable for cold weather and environment, here we introduce two other stoves ~

1 Oil stove

Oil stove mainly uses split structure, fuel bottle and stove head connected by conduit, fuel bottle connected with pressure pump. Its stove parts are more, and generally need to pump before use. Advantages: Applicable to all kinds of cooking utensils, good stability, good windproofness. More sources of fuel, suitable for cold weather, high power suitable for multi-person travel. Disadvantages: large size, heavy weight, gasoline smell. Not light to carry. Operation is tedious, need frequent maintenance, fire is not easy to control, accessories replacement frequency is high.

2 gas stove

Gas stove can be divided into: one stove, split stove, directly connected to the stove three.

Directly connected to the stove: the stove head and gas tank directly connected, no conduit. Most of the weight of the directly connected stove are in the 60-200 grams or so. Advantages are lighter weight, smaller size, easy to carry. The disadvantage is the poor stability and wind resistance.

One-piece stove: The pot, stove head and gas canister are connected into one. Suitable for cold environments such as winter and high altitude. The advantage is high combustion efficiency. Disadvantage is poor stability.

Split stove: The stove head is separated from the gas tank, suitable for multi-person camping. Advantages are strong support and good stability. Disadvantages are large size, heavy weight and inconvenient to carry.


To prevent causing unnecessary hazards, please clean and maintain the stove regularly, such as carbon cleaning of the stove head; check the stove regularly for cracks or damage.

When the ignition device does not light up after 8 seconds, please turn off the gas valve of the stove first, and then open it again after the ignition device lights up to prevent the safety hazard.

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