Sexy, not to please men, but a woman's pampering of herself, it is a secret weapon that is hidden but not revealed.

So nowadays, a woman's definition of erotic lingerie is no longer simply that a certain treasure blast is good, it is more of a spice of life.

However, men and women have different aesthetics when it comes to erotic lingerie.

It took me a lot of detours to realise this when it came to the matter of buying erotic lingerie.

Like many girls, I was very blind when I first started to choose erotic lingerie.

To be see-through! To be beautiful! Slim! Erotic! Good quality! The right style! Japanese freshness! European and American lust! Whether it suits me or not, and whether he likes it or not, I want it all.

I thought that when I needed something new to wear, my new erotic lingerie would give my little man enough inspiration to be creative and give me plenty to give back after treating him.

But even though he is a visual creature, when I put on my pink erotic lingerie, he wasn't as excited as I thought he would be, or even as excited as I would be in a random little black thong panty.

At one point I wondered if he was sexually frigid or had some other twisted idea in his head that needed fixing, and had a big fight with him about it.

He explained to me aggressively, "No, baby, you're so cute when you're wearing those clothes, but I don't want innocent seduction, I want mature, straightforward sexiness, like that leopard print corset you wore last time."

If you're buying lingerie to add to your love affair, it's important to think outside the box of "what you think looks good" and put yourself in the other person's shoes, whether it's Japanese and fresh that will stimulate his primal urges or European and American lust for women that will inspire him with the thrill of conquest.

After all, sexiness is like a mirror, he sees you as sexy, you see him as sexy.

Unlike men's blind confidence in bed, no matter how good a woman is, after wearing erotic lingerie she is extremely picky about her body and all kinds of dissatisfaction.

When you put on sexy lingerie and stand in front of the mirror to admire yourself, you should have found that every inch of your skin, eyebrows and hair is beautiful and alluring and curvaceous.

But what do women really think? I feel like I'm so out of shape! I think I have small tits! Those with big breasts think they have a flat ass! Those with long legs think they have thick hands! Those with thin waists think they have wide shoulders!

Woman, your name is unsatisfied.

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