In most people's eyes erotic lingerie is still a very strange concept, but with the continuous development of spiritual civilization, more and more young people are willing to try and accept erotic lingerie, although talking about this topic is still very private, but at least it has become not so embarrassing. Here, the sweetheart weapon to share with you some of the knowledge about the erotic lingerie of the small encyclopedia

So what is erotic lingerie?

Erotic lingerie belongs to adult products, is a product that allows the combination of visual stimulation and sex, is a product of human material life to improve, to meet the spiritual needs of the product. Domestic erotic lingerie should be more accurately called erotic clothing, is between the product of lingerie and clothing.

What are the classifications in the erotic lingerie?

4One-piece underwear

One-piece bodysuit named from the distinction with the split suit, for the upper body, the lower body connected together in a set of clothing not separate, and is divided into one-piece clothes and one-piece socks. The style of the bodysuit are tight series, in the tight wrap design perfectly present the body curve, erotic lingerie in the bodysuit is also a lot of breast exposure.


According to the fat growth direction design, and the human body parts can be pressure, to give strong, medium and weak different pressure. According to the ergonomic design of the strength of the pressure exerted, so as to make wearing comfortable, and to achieve the best state of fat displacement of the body shape.

6Breastless clothing

Erotic clothing, highlighting the function of breast exposure of the characteristic clothing.

7, erotic dresses

There are long skirts and short skirts, because it highlights the "fun" to sexy center, and different from the ordinary skirt clothing, the main performance: highlight the transparent, sultry lace, or breast, or floral design highlights the wild. Generally with the same texture underwear or thong.

The above-mentioned categories are actually quite a lot, but they may not all have to be classified qualitatively, because everyone's likes and preferences are not exactly the same. In addition to mutual love and trust in the lives of two people, occasionally you need the regulation of eroticism to make each other's feelings sweeter. Erotic lingerie can make couples, couples life to bring the usual very different stimulation, in increasing for love applause fun can also be appropriate to each other to bring freshness, while enhancing emotions.

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