The "erotic lingerie" is also considered a kind of erotic goods, right, many girls in order to tempt the boys will also take this way, but men are also very happy to see women wearing this, so they can stimulate their sexual desire, so, "erotic lingerie" how to wear the effect of it? How do I wear 'erotic lingerie'?


How to wear erotic lingerie

1. Shapewear.

The general design idea of shape-shifting erotic lingerie is to tighten the one-piece, partially shaped and adjusted, and overall set off the female figure. More than the use of elastic fabric, can effectively tighten the abdomen, chest, buttocks effect. This kind of erotic lingerie can choose with stockings garter series, can be a good show your charming sexy body.


2, uniform type.

Uniform generally refers to the work uniforms required by certain specific occupations, but men generally have an inexplicable excitement and urge for women in certain occupations, like nurses' uniforms, stewardesses' uniforms, etc. This kind of clothing not only makes women look more professional, after adding the design of erotic lingerie, it will look more seductive, and is an unbeatable flirtation costume.


3, pajamas type.

Pajamas are worn by women in bed most directly facing men's clothing, a sexy pajamas are not only comfortable to wear themselves, but also can casually stimulate the male visual, to achieve the purpose of flirting. Pajamas generally have erotic pajamas, transparent pajamas, cardigan pajamas and so on, you can choose the right pajamas with thongs, will allow you to enjoy a different pajamas temptation.


4Series of stockings.

Stockings I believe we are already familiar with, any woman who loves beauty will have no less than 2 pairs of stockings, but we are talking about erotic stockings, it generally refers to garter stockings, net stockings, one-piece stockings, pantyhose. They are available in a variety of styles, including open crotch, breastless and so on. This is a great way to satisfy the stocking fetishist, so it's a good idea to match your stockings to your outfit.

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