With the opening up of the concept of sex, people's pursuit of quality sex is getting higher and higher, and more and more people are pursuing the perfect sex of "mind and body". The most important thing is to have the best sex. In the pursuit of perfect sex, but also to ensure reproductive health, so we need to have a correct understanding of sex toys, and the correct use of sex toys. Sex toys have a very broad connotation, but you are mainly referring to the sex toy category.


The selection of the right sex toy should be based on the following principles.

Firstly, it is important to be clear about the type of stimulation that both partners prefer. Does the woman like clitoral stimulation or does she need to penetrate a little deeper, and does the man want the toy to help him last longer or have more fun? Choose toys that function differently depending on your needs, such as jumpers, vibrators, etc.


Next, understand physical attributes. Some women have tight vaginas and are not comfortable with larger toys, which may otherwise cause vaginal damage and make you overly careful when using sex toys.


Again, consider the material to avoid allergies. Some people like the stimulation that comes with metal, others find latex materials more realistic. Finally, don't rely too much on sex toys, they are just a helper and are no substitute for kissing, touching and flirting. It is also important to be hygienic when using sex toys, and it is best to clean and disinfect them before each use.


Have the right idea about sex toys


First of all, it is important to have a correct understanding of erotic toys, which are not meant to satisfy individual desires, but to allow couples to share orgasms. If couples use them together, they can add interest to their sex life, help them to synchronise and enjoy orgasms at the same time, and greatly improve the quality of their sex life.


Choose reliable erotic products


When using erotic products, it is important to choose reliable and quality ones. It is best to choose a product that is well known in order to have quality assurance. It is also important to take care of your pleasure products after use, store them in clean, dry containers and disinfect them regularly to ensure hygiene.


Use of erotic products


If you are buying a large brand of erotic products, you can search their official website. Only when you use them in a regulated manner will you not cause damage to yourself and your lover, and you will be able to ensure the health of your reproductive organs and have healthy sex.


Couples using erotic products together


Before using erotic products, couples should communicate well and reach a consensus before using erotic products together as a couple. Remember: erotic products are a good sexual aid for the couple, not a resistance. The best results will only be achieved if both people use them together.


Use erotic products in moderation


It is important to use erotic products in moderation. The frequency of use should be moderate, too much is too little, and the frequency of use should be moderate in order to increase the fun of sex; there is also a moderate amount of sex toys themselves, do not choose odd-shaped sex toys in order to pursue pleasure.

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