Today, I got hot-headed and took an antique wheel from the 1930's to battle! Do not look at the wheel is small, the line cup can really eat line, 1.2 nylon line easily on more than 200 meters! In order to match its age, picked an old Japanese fiberglass rod (age is unknown, just look at the handle to know the age is not small) a set of micro-objects Luya equipment is complete! Arriving at the marker, I was a little excited, as if I had taken them on a trip back in time to the future, and the first cast was given a sacred meaning! I didn't expect the difference between the ideal and the reality to come so soon! The first rod I actually threw the bait behind the old wheel and the new wheel in the structure of the subtle differences, the new wheel casting, your index finger gently on the line, the line can be well fixed. But the old wheel can not, you must use your index finger and the rod together to hold the line in order to completely fixed, to ensure that in the process of transporting the rod line is always tight and will not loosen. My first cast is to make this mistake led to the bait directly behind the cast again, the bait is flying out, 7-8 meters hand loose a little late is one hand, the old rod tuning slow, too much force swing will be too large. This up is two bogeys! No panic, again! After casting again and again, finally with the equipment in place, 3 grams of sequins average casting distance of about 18-20 meters, for the 1.2 line diameter, on the current set of equipment for this distance I am quite satisfied. When I found that the fish were only chasing but not biting the 3 gram sequins, I decided to switch to 2.5 gram sequins (when you are sure that there are target fish and only chasing the bait but not biting, adjusting the size of the lure will be a very effective way) and I hit the fish within a few rods, the rod conduction is clear, the UL hardness makes it easy to return to the fish (it is more fun to play with small individual fish such as horse mouth white stripe XUL super soft hardness) The wheel is only forward and reverse, there is no one-way The line cup has unloading force, in the case of large fish, you can walk the fish through the unloading force and reversal of the line cup. But the small horse mouth just shake the wheel to collect the line, the force is not enough to cause any harm to the gear. To enhance the entertainment, I purposely adjusted the line cup unloading to a gear close to the minimum, so that the pony mouth can also pull out the clattering brass bell-like unloading sound. The unloading sound of this reel is particularly crisp, and I will try to show you later through the video. That's it, a total of 6-7 horse mouths were caught, a perfect end to the actual battle. Some people may ask: "Why play the old wheel ah? Now the performance of any reel can beat the old one!" That's right! The fact is true, if the new thing is not as good as the old one, it is not a joke! But the old has an old taste, it is more heavy, you can play out a different state of mind. The essence of Lua is to have fun, just have fun!

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