Bacne, or acne breakouts on your back, is a very common issue, but perhaps due to their less-than-glamorous appearance and the fact that no one really wants to admit they struggle with it, talking about the topic can often be considered taboo. But not anymore!

The fact is, bacne happens to the best of us, whether due to an intense, sweaty workout session, a few too many scoops of Ben & Jerry's, hormonal factors, or even irritating hair products. With the temperature only rising from here, breakouts are no reason for your backless dresses to remain in hibernation. Keep reading to find out what you need to do to treat those breakouts, and exactly how to cover them up without getting foundation all over your new halter top.

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Treat It Right

First things first, make sure to wash your sheets regularly, wear a clean shirt to sleep, and wear a clean bra, as any dead skin cells trapped in the fabric (gross, we know) can trigger a breakout.

In the shower, exfoliate once a week, and invest in a gentle, acne-fighting cleanser for your body, like Clinique's Acne Soltions bar soap ($14;, which can also be used on your face. Generally, you can use the same face spot treatment on any activity on your back, but if the problem is more widespread, you'll want to reach for the Paula's Choice KP Treatment Cloths ($28;, infused with a potent dose of lactic acid to tackle both acne and keratosis pilaris, or if you have trouble reaching certain areas, a spray-on remedy like Neutrogena's Body Clear ($9;

Once the bumps have calmed down, apply a layer of Murad's Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel ($60; to fade any hyperpigmentation, and kill any bacteria before it starts forming a blemish.

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The Art of the Cover-Up

Sure, it's easy enough to slap a layer of foundation on your back and call it a day, but the warm weather could cause your handiwork to melt all over your open-back sundress—not a good look. Instead, work in lightweight, sheer layers and set things with a dusting of long-wearing powder.

We recommend beginning with a tinted primer, like Laura Geller's Spackle ($30;, which helps both with blurring any imperfections, and creating a budge-proof foundation for your Murad Concealer ($21; to adhere. Dab the concealer directly over any blemishes you'd like to cover, then use a damp BodyBlender sponge ($28; to seamlessly blend the color into your skin. Top it all off with a large kabuki brush dipped into L'Oreal's Infallible Pro-Matte Powder ($13; to set.

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