No matter how much I travel during any given season, it always feels so exciting and glamorous.

Plot twist: It’s not! It’s horrible. I’m constantly stressed out that my plane is going to take off without me, and feel like an animal being herded when I’m getting on and off of my flight. Plus, the toll that a single airplane ride it takes on my skin. It's not cute.

In the past, I’ve been pretty bad at packing, both clothes and beauty products. I typically just have a panic attack and start throwing shit in a bag while casually sauced. One time I showed up to New York City without any pants.

Lately, I’ve been trying this new thing called "planning,” with varied results. I took a trip last weekend, and I actually made a list of things I’d need to bring with me, and I packed sober. Let me tell you, it was a game changer. I was even able to bring some extra products with me to save my skin after the flight(s) sucked every last bit of moisture out of my face! Maybe there’s something to this planning business after all, though I remain unconvinced.

At any rate, here's what I brought.

Oh, and it’s perfect for keeping your face moisturized before you take off, in the middle of your in-flight movie, and after you land.

Full disclosure: I hate skin mists. Miss me with the rosewater sprays and your aloe sprays and whatever else you got. I don’t even really know why I had Tatcha send this to me, but I’m glad I did because I found it to be useful in more ways than I was even expecting.

Last thing: The atomizer itself really does *mist* the moisturizer onto your skin. It’s not going to hit you with a big wet spray, leaving beads of moisture rolling down your face. It evenly distributes a fine layer of product across a good amount of your skin, but its spray is small enough that you’ll hit you and only you when you’re applying, ensuring you won’t bother the passenger next to you, even though they're hogging the arm rest. I know it's a small detail, but when you've made a career out of putting things on your face, it's something you notice.

Listen, I’m not one of the brave ones who will do a face mask on a flight. I already the dude with purple hair and nails, the last thing I want to do is draw more attention. Put me on a private plane and then we’ll talk. Do you mask on flights, or any other public place? Tell me how you do it in the comments and maybe I'll once again throw myself to the wolves and humiliate myself for a beauty article.

The Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask left my skin feeling moisturized and looking very glow-y. All of the places I’d normally apply highlighter were already catching the light, without the rest of my face looking too shiny. This one would be great before makeup, or if you're a little hungover, which I am currently.

This one extra special because it's affordable and available at the drugstore, so if you happen to leave it on your hotel bathroom sink, it won't be a huge loss. Not that you've (I've) ever done that, right?

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