Food apps are perhaps the greatest use of technology today—besides Snapchatting adorable dog-eared selfies to our friends and playing Angry Birds during stuffy work commutes. Seriously, how in the world did we survive before Seamless? Or manage to snag reservations without OpenTable?

Zagat has been around for more than 35 years as a trustworthy resource for restaurant reviews. To spice things up a little bit (no pun intended), Zagat has now cooked up an iOS app update to provide dedicated foodies with the freshest, most relevant content—while on the go. This refresh includes contextual recommendations, Google smarts from Search and Maps, and a design facelift. Basically, this app will become your personal Paula Deen guru — that one friend who somehow always seems to know where to order the most decadent meals or grab the most aesthetically concocted cocktail of all time.

If you’re looking to book an Italian cooking session or a Shanghai street-food escapade, let this new food app by Zagat take care of the legwork. If you’re on a food cleanse to try and eat like a Victoria’s Secret Angel (seriously, how does Adriana Lima do it?!), this nifty app will ingeniously know where to get the healthiest and most photogenic dishes. While the process of choosing what to eat for dinner can be a daunting task, their recipe is simple: they look at lots of opinions from other diners, so you don’t have to.

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Its real strength lies in its carefully curated content—reviews are vetted by Zagat editors in order to convey dependable restaurant reviews, helping you discover the newest hot spots in your area, share your own experiences, and get inspiration from the tastiest trends nationwide.
Their logo and redesign have been also been revamped with a fresh new look, and you’re the star. The clean interface and broad range of destinations make it easy to find exactly what you’re craving. You can simply search by cuisine or by tapping into their interactive neighborhood maps. Then, sort by rating, price or proximity—or filter by new places. If you know where you are and what your annoyingly capricious appetite desires, your dining app should too—so based on your location and the time of day, the app will recommend nearby places accordingly.

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Zagat is also doing away with its particularly quirky 30-point scale, whittling it down to an efficient 1-5 point gage. They will continue to collect separate ratings for food, decor, and service, so you can get granular on a restaurant’s individual assets, but they are now streamlined from 1 ("poor”) to 5 ("perfection”).

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While the new iOS app is packed with exciting innovations, Zagat says they still strive to adhere to the fashion it always has: congregating the wisdom of avid diners everywhere and distilling the consensus into that one crystalline review you need to know in order to snap your next delicious food porn pic for Instagram. Unique offerings—a vegan joint in the West Village or a lobster bake on a tiny Maine beach—are the rule, not the exception. The app now covers the entire country so no matter where you are in the U.S., you're covered.

The new Zagat iPhone app is available today (July 26) in the App Store for iOS (Android to follow soon), and we guarantee this APPetizing update will become your next BFF. So the next time you need to find the newest downtown hot spot to dominate with your squad, take it out for brunch and share your dining knowledge with the rest of the Zagat community.

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