It’s no secret that there are glaring differences in the basic design of baby girls and boys clothing. Every parent is well aware of this and when the time comes to stock the closet of their little one more often than not, long-standing traditions prevail.

For instance, pink and floral outfits are perceived to be for a baby girl, the same way navy attire with a superhero character print is expected to be for a baby boy or a fancy baby boy suits.

But, come to think of it. Does dressing your child in gender-neutral clothes bring some advantages to the dressing game?

Well, here are some subtle yet fulfilling benefits of adopting the unisex approach in baby dressing.

Anyone who has shopped for baby clothes recently will tell of the clear-cut differences on gender-specific clothes. Beyond the shape, it is expected that girl attires are more decorated but less sturdy, unlike boy clothes which come more resilient with seeming less of aesthetic value. Needless to say, taking the unisex approach outwits the usual stereotypical options hence allowing more freedom of choice.

Dressing your baby with unisex attires enables leveraging on hand-me-downs. Once the baby fits, nothing else matters. The result could be huge savings on expenses that can get channeled on other necessary baby supplies.

Although this is not entirely a new concept, it is not an old school either. And with evident frustration of restricting yourself to gender-specific clothes, going neutral with baby clothing stands as the perfect solution. Besides, gone should be the times when either gender is limited to specific colours, designs, or styles.

You can think of it as more of recycling a fad but with renewed definitions and priorities. And going by inspiration from some global fashion icons, unisex clothing undoubtedly has their place in modern dressing.

Everything else aside, the practicality and convenience of unisex clothes is perhaps the number one reason for collective enthusiasm over unisex baby clothes. Unlike the seemingly narrow range cut out by gender-specific baby clothing, the approach prevails no matter the situation. The result is an enhanced choice range and freedom.

At a time when social consciousness is pretty much the order of the day, clothing provides a unique avenue for expression. Unisex clothing allows kids to express themselves without the trappings of gender suppositions. So, yes! Since a baby cannot speak, the unisex approach keeps the decision on the clothing style on hold until they can pick their preferences.


With these benefits in mind, parents have every reason to consider unisex clothes as part of their baby’s attire collection. And because the cost is most likely the same, why not give it a try?

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