Is your brother or sister your best friend? Do you both love tattoos? Then consider getting sibling tattoos. Sibling tattoos can show how much you care about each other, can represent what you have in common or even show your favorite things about each other. To give you some inspiration, we have found 43 of the coolest sibling tattoos you’ll want to get right now. From meaningful designs to fun family portraits, we have something for everyone .

1. Ohana Sibling Tattoos

Our first tattoo idea is this ohana design. The word ohana comes from Hawaii and means family, it was also used in the quote “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” from the movie Lilo and Stitch. A tattoo like this would be the perfect way to show the bond between siblings and it would also be great for any siblings who love Disney too.

2. Heart Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a simple and cute tattoo idea. These two have had matching heart outlines tattooed in the same place. This design is a subtle way to show your sibling you care. Hearts like these would be great as a first tattoo but if you want more of a statement design you can add color or make the hearts bigger.

3. Sibling Portraits

Looking for a unique tattoo idea? Then this next pick is for you! Here we have a tattoo design that features portraits of each sibling. You can see that the face is left blank but you can tell the siblings apart with individual features like hair and accessories. This is an awesome tattoo idea and it will be one of a kind.

4. Matching Flower Tattoo Idea

Our next idea features a floral cherry blossom design. Cherry blossoms have many different meanings but usually symbolize strength and overcoming challenges. This can have meaning for siblings if they have supported each other through difficult times. You can also have a similar tattoo but with a different flower that has meaning to you.

5. Roman Numerals Tattoo

A popular tattoo idea for siblings is a design that shows what number child they are. This can be done with numbers, symbols and more. These siblings have used this idea to create a unique and stylish tattoo. Each sibling has a roman numeral to show whether they were the first born, second or third. We love these creative tattoos and this would work no matter how many brothers and sisters there are in the family.

6. Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Siblings can often be the people we rely on and the people who help us through the bad times and are with us to enjoy the good times. That is why our next tattoo idea features two anchors. Anchor tattoos have a meaning of strength, stability and loyalty which makes them a perfect symbol for siblings. Anchors can be tattooed anywhere, can have any design and look trendy too.

7. Cute Sibling Tattoos for 3

Next, we have a super cute tattoo idea. These three sisters have small cartoon figures that are talking on tin can telephones. It is a great design that shows the bond between the siblings and how they can always talk to each other. We love how the sisters have to be stood together for the tattoo to be complete.

8. Tiny Lotus Tattoos

Lotus flowers are stylish and popular tattoos. The next idea features two small matching lotus designs. These would be a great idea for siblings because you can show your bond with matching designs but the tattoos look pretty as individual tattoos too.

9. Matching Sibling Tattoos

Our next idea features matching moon tattoos. The half moon design is stunning, it has floral patterns and a jewelry feature. Tattoos like this would be perfect for any siblings who want beautiful matching designs. You can have a moon like this tattooed or create your own design.

10. Pretty Floral Design Ideas

Love floral tattoos? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have two floral tattoo ideas. These would be great as sibling tattoos because they match through the color scheme but the designs are different. This means you can have a matching tattoo with your sibling but each tattoo has individuality too. You can recreate something similar or you can create a different floral design.

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