Part of Glossier's signature minimalist aesthetic is the bright pink bubble wrap pouches that come with its products. These pouches have become more than just makeup bags. Glossier fans use them as clutches on nights out and more photogenic sandwich bags, to name a few of the ways you've probably seen the pouches on your Instagram feed. Hell, Glossier even used to sell them in a set of three for $12.

Given their cult-status on the internet, it would seem obvious that Glossier's latest launch Bubblewrap, a hydrating eye and lip cream, was named after its packaging that's become just as recognizable as the brand's actual products.

Turns out, the product itself was inspired by a beauty industry hack of using eye cream on your lips. According to a press release from the brand, Bubblewrap was born out of its fans request for an eye cream, plus the thought that your eyes and lips should be treated similarly, as both areas of the face are delicate and often need extra hydration.

Launching today, the lightweight cream is formulated with nine active ingredients including hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidant blueberry fruit extract, and smoothing vegetable protein. Together, they moisturize and create a protective cushion for your skin. Like the rest of Glossier's products, Bubblewrap is pretty affordable, priced at $26 for a tube.


What makes Bubblewrap unique is that it dispenses like those extremely thick, rich eye creams that you usually reserve for nighttime use, but breaks down into a silky oil when its applied to skin. It's also fast-absorbing, so it won't pill or leave any white residue behind.

I'll admit I was skeptical that Bubblewrap would be lightweight given how thick one pump of it was on my finger, but I quickly was converted to a believer as I dabbed it on my eye area using my ring finger and then on my lips. My skin drank it up instantly and looked dewy and soft.

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Typically, I use a radiant-finish concealer on my under-eye area to wake up my dark circles and a full-coverage concealer everywhere else. But, with Bubblewrap as a primer, that full-coverage concealer was all I needed. As for its lip-plumping abilities, my lips didn't seem any plumper. However, they were extremely smooth and the lines on them looked less deep.

Considering that my face is still recovering from winter dryness and Bubblewrap absorbs into my skin so quickly, you can bet that I'll be applying the hell out of it morning and night.

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