The father-daughter dance is one of the most emotional moments in a wedding, and for one bride, Lisa White, it will be the most memorable one as well.

White and her now-husband, Paul Getz, tied the knot over the weekend in Philadelphia and her father may have given them the best gift ever.

White had just started dancing with her dad to Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl" when she turned around and saw McGraw himself performing the song.

"Originally she thought, 'Why did my dad hire a Tim McGraw impersonator?'" the father of the groom told The Highway on SiriusXM, "and then she realized it was actually him. It was absolutely unbelievable and he was such a great guy."

And McGraw didn't just perform this one song—he stayed for almost an hour and even hung out with the guests for a while. The groom later tweeted a photo of him, White, and McGraw, captioning it: "Thank you to @TheTimMcGraw for making my wife and I's wedding night so awesome." Awww.

If this isn't the best wedding surprise ever, we don't know what is.

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