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When it comes to penis size, the myth persists that bigger is better. But it's totally untrue. Okay, orgasms might be trickier to pull off if your partner has a micropenis—defined as a penis that measures under 2.8 inches when erect. But this condition is very rare. (The average erect penis clocks in at five inches, FYI.)

"Good sex is really about communication, confidence, adapting to circumstances, and using what you and your partner have for consensual pleasure,” Amy Boyajian, co-founder and CEO of sexual wellness company Wild Flower, tells Health. If your partner is on the smaller side, these five sex positions will help him fit tighter and more snugly—so you score the satisfaction you crave.

Two spoons

This side-by-side position has your partner pressed tightly against your back and butt and thighs, so it's super intimate and leaves you feeling connected, Jill McDevitt, PhD, resident sexologist at sex toy company CalExotics, tells Health. "This positioning will also keep your vulva flush against your partner's pubic bone, so that there isn’t a gap between the bodies, which can make the already small penis feel smaller,” she says. Also hot: With his hands free, he can reach around to play with your breasts and clitoris, or grab your hips and take charge of the thrusting.

Doggy style

Traditional from-behind sex puts your partner in the driver's seat. This version has him entering you and then staying still while you take the reins. "By leaning forward and back, you control the speed, angle, and depth of the thrusting," certified clinical sexologist Patti Britton, PhD, co-founder of, tells Health. If your partner's penis isn't feeling tight and snug inside you, you can move your butt and hips in whatever way leads to the sensation of fullness you need.

To enhance intimacy, Britton suggests turning your head to the side so you make eye contact with your partner during the action. Or have him reach around to cup your breasts or play with your clitoris as you thurst in tight or wide circles.

Reverse cowgirl

For this position, you face away from your partner and then lower yourself onto his penis, your legs extended alongside his. The closer your legs are together, the bigger your partner will feel, especially if you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, says Britton. "Reverse cowgirl also gives you way more control of the tempo, depth, and rhythm” than same-old missionary, she adds. For more penis fullness, Boyajian suggests slipping a pillow under your partner's back, "allowing them to tilt and lift their pelvis."

Giving oral sex

Performing oral sex is more enjoyable with a partner with a smaller penis, Boyajian tells Health: "You can focus less on avoiding gagging and more on delivering some wonderful, inventive, and exciting sensations.”

While you might have go-to oral sex moves you know your partner enjoys, McDevitt suggests switching it up. "Put a spin on the basic up and down on the shaft by rolling your lips from top to bottom as if you were forming the letters O-E-O-E,” she suggests. Or swirl your tongue around the whole shaft, use little flicks, and cup the testicles for added sensation.

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Missionary anal

"Small penises can be very anal-friendly,” says Boyajian. The anus has many sensitive nerve endings around the opening that can feel amazing when stimulated, and a smaller penis can help stimulate that area without you feeling stretched, uncomfortable, or in pain. (FYI, feeling pain means you're doing anal sex wrong; it's a sign to stop. And always use plenty of lube before starting.)

Boyajian recommends anal sex in the missionary position, which puts you and your partner face to face for added intimacy. Start by getting on your back, then bring your knees toward your chest. "This will give the penetrating partner a wonderful angle of the vaginal wall,” Boyajian says. Just like with reverse cowgirl, you might add a pillow underneath your hips, which will allow your partner to go deeper.

This Story Originally Appeared On Health

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