What was life like before fidget spinners? If you're like us, you don't want to remember those dark days when you didn't have one to spin on your finger during times of stress including, but not limited to: watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or waiting for a train during a major subway delay that's made you late for work.

Luckily, there's another way fidget spinners can help us all relax. The U.K.-based Lush Kitchen, a group of mad scientists that cook up small batches of limited-edition Lush products, have created a reusable fidget spinner-shaped bubble bar. It might look like the average fidget spinner, but when you throw it into the bath, it transforms into one of Lush's epic bubble bath products.

The scent of the fidget spinner bubble bar boosts sense of well-being and your ability to focus, naturally. It's infused with an aromatic blend of citrus essential oils and has a wooden peg that enables you to spin it to your heart's content as you soak in the bath. Once you're content with the level of bubbles in your bathtub, you can take the bar out, pat it dry, and save it for future baths.

This spinner isn't as widely available as the options are your local dollar store. It sold out in the U.K. almost immediately, but judging from demand that Lush received after launching it, the brand expects they'll have a restock, which they teased on Instagram.

Before you do a celebratory spin, there's a catch: Lush Kitchen is based in the U.K. Here's hoping the fidget spinner-inspired bubble bar eventually makes its way stateside.

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