When David Arquette and Chrstina McLarty said "I do” after four years together on Sunday, brining the two sides of their family together as one was at the forefront of their celebrations. "The most important aspect was just to get our families together,” McLarty tells InStyle. of the 230-person wedding at Cicada restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

Although they have been engaged for 10 months, the couple actually planned the festivities in only one. But you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way it beautifully came together. Inspired by the Art Deco décor at the venue, Arquette and McLarty opted for vintage-inspired touches, which spoke to their style as a couple. "We wanted it to feel like us which is very kind of vintage, bomenian-inspired,” she says. Mismatched plates, locally grown flowers, and red and gold accents added to the feel. "David’s more of a bridezilla than I am,” his new wife says. "He was very into the planning process.”

David Arquette Wedding

McLarty opted for a gorgeous strapless lace Naeem Khan gown for the wedding, which she paired with Givenchy shoes and a long veil. "It was a little bit like sexy bride. It wasn’t very traditional. We kind of kept it more fun and party like,” she says. David wore a dark blue plaid tux by Martin Greenfield, although he had originally planned on multiple outfits. "He was supposed to have several wardrobe changes because that’s true to David’s style, he likes to change a lot.”

The couple’s 11-month-old son, Charlie, as well as Arquette’s daughter Coco from his previous marriage to Courtney Cox, were in the wedding, as were their two Bassett Hounds, Dallas and Luna, who wore festive floral collars for the occasion. Before exchanging Cartier rings, McLarty read the vows she had written down while Arquette winged it. "David had given me these little cards that were beautiful and said write your vows on this and we’ll have the same sort of looks to our vows. So I wrote mine and I get up there and I read them and I don’t know if he forgot his, but he totally winged it and it was from the heart and it was super sweet. It was very cute.”

Congratulations again to the happy couple!

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