Until very recently (and I'm talking within the last two months) running was not my preferred method of exercising. My boyfriend and I try to go a few times a week, but my activewear lineup isn't that extensive, so I've often ventured out in clothes that definitely are not meant to be run in. When Ryka's Lotus Sports Bra ($21; kohls.com) crossed my desk, it seemed promising—it was hot pink, and claimed to wick away moisture, so you dry off and cool down much faster. Sweat-wicking fabric is nothing new. It works by transferring the moisture on your skin to the outer layer of fabric, and you've probably bought a few items featuring the technology if you're more versed in athletic gear than I am. I previously tried a few sports bras that claimed to use the technology, but they didn't work as well as I had hoped considering I go for the type with padded cups. You can call me a lot of things, but well-endowed is definitely not one of them.

For journalistic integrity, I decided to run around in 85-degree heat to see how well Ryka's version would fare. I tried it on and sort of got the concept—the fabric was slightly thinner than the sports bras I had, it fit comfortably, and I appreciated how lightweight the padded cups were. We ventured out, and after a few laps spent dodging people playing Pokemon Go, I started to work up a sweat. Of course, moisture-wicking technology doesn't stop you from sweating altogether, that would be ridiculous, but I did notice I started to dry off as we walked one lap, and was fully dry by the time we got home a few minutes later. Knowing it's that much easier for me to cool down in peak humidity could be the motivation I need to stick to this whole idea I have about running three times a week...or at least enough inspiration to just get out the door.

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