It's always nice to hear celebrities talk about how low key and normal they are, but it's also pretty damn refreshing when they admit to being extra AF. For example, Serena Williams, who generally keeps things pretty chill, went to the spa seven times in one week. We support you, Serena.

Williams revealed this tidbit in an interview with Into the Gloss. about her off-court beauty routine.

"The one thing I need to do better is to get more facials," Williams said. "Chenot is by far my favorite spa—I use their products, and I went to their spa every day for seven days when I was in Italy. I was like a mummy afterwards—preserved!"

The spa marathon happened when Williams was on vacation with her husband Alexis Ohanian — a trip that happened simply because Williams told her hubs she was craving Italian food.

While the tennis star definitely digs a luxury spa, the rest of her routine is surprisingly chill. She says she never, ever uses foundation, and as for her haircare routine, Williams says that she only uses coconut oil and argan oil.

"I have this whole natural vibe. Just a little concealer, just a little brow, just a little contour, just a little lip. Natural. That’s it. And obviously mascara," she told the website.

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Williams also admitted that it's pretty hard for her to find time for herself (given that she has an infant and is a professional tennis player, that's more than understandable), but when she does, she's all about a sheet mask. "I just do that and sit in my La-Z-Boy—that’s super relaxing for me," she said.

Seven spa visits in a row, a La-Z-boy — whatever it takes, Serena. Whatever it takes.

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