Whether you're a newlywed, about to get married, or heck, a stellar bridesmaid just trying to make your BFF's wedding planning process a bit smoother, Framebridge's wedding photo framing options are worth a peek. We're longtime fans of the company's custom frame services (you can mail in artwork free of charge or upload photos from your library or Instagram feed, then a pro designer works with you to find the perfect frame for your home without charging more than $159), and site's newly debuted redesign has more choices than ever before. Here's how you can utilize 'em before and after the "I Do"s.

Printing and Framing Wedding Photos

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The process of pouring over hundreds of proofs from your photographer can be a daunting task, and narrowing it down to just a handful to display in your post-wedding may seem downright impossible, so consider Famebridge's gallery wall service. For a $99 service charge, an expert framer will help you curate a gallery wall, offer you two layout options, and provide a final hanging and measurement plan.

Choosing Frames to Display at a Reception

From the entryway at your venue to the cake table, many couples opt to share family memories throughout the big day. With the Designer's Choice service, you can share your personal taste, wedding theme, and decor choices with a Framebridge specialist who will help you choose the best options for displaying your family photos in a way that complements your wedding style.

Preserving a Wedding Invitation or Ketubah

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These tangible momentos from your wedding day shouldn't sit in a storage box after it's all over. Frambridge provides shipping materials so you can carefully send in your invitation, ceremony program, or ketubah (free of charge), then have a professional preserve and frame it so that you can display it in your home.

Gift Giving for Family and Friends

Newlyweds can choose framed photos to send directly to parents, grandparents, and other loved ones, but Framebridge also lets users upload shots from any Instagram feed, which can be a fun way for friends to surprise the brides and grooms in their lives. Enter their Instagram handles, select some party snaps to upload to Framebridge, and the perfectly-sized 5-in. by 5-in. frames (for just $39 each) will be at the couple's doorstep by they time they return from the honeymoon.

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