Although the best female beauty moments at last night's Golden Globes are still fresh in our minds, we've also got to give it up for the guys! The grooming skills of dapper men like Chris Pratt, John Legend, Jared Leto, and many more deserve honors of their own, and with each look paired perfectly with their red carpet suits, we couldn't help but wonder---how do guys get ready for an awards show?

Pratt's groomer Bridget Brager gave us all the details on how the Parks and Recreation star's look came together, and no surprise here, getting ready with him was just as much of a party as you'd expect. "It's so much fun. We talk a lot, and I slap a lot of stuff on him," she tells InStyle. "He's a good dude. We were listening to country music and fresh air as we got ready." Brager began by cutting Pratt's signature coiff into a more polished style with clean edges, and while the effect looks calculated, it was an impromptu decision on her end. "We initially were going to leave his hair long and leave his scruff, which was actually more like a beard, but then his stylist Annie put him in a gorgeous suit with a bow tie, and it was definitely a throwback to Old Hollywood," she says. "I gave the cut some shape to create a long, lean appearance and to open his face up, but I wanted to keep his curly texture." Brager trimmed his hair along the top and sides, then picked up her clippers to groom his facial hair.

Though many men deem themselves exempt from skincare, Pratt knows the power of moisturizer well, and his complexion is proof. "Every time I see Chris, I love to use a moisturizer and serum mixture. That's what every guy should have in their arsenal, if nothing else," says Brager, who prepped his skin using the ReVive Intensite Line Erasing Serum ($600; paired with the Moisturizing Renewal Cream ($195; "I really love the serum because, for men, the camera can be harsh, so making sure the skin looks quenched and not dry is important." Pratt made sure to follow Brager's advice by staying hydrated and drinking lots of water before the big event so his complexion was camera-ready, and once the skincare products were in place, a light dusting of powder was the finishing touch before the star and his wife Anna Faris took off for the Globes. "Start to finish, his grooming routine took about 45 minutes. We did a haircut today, so that took about half an hour before we started on the rest."

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