My walk to the subway every morning is somewhat meditative for me. I leave my house feeling freshly made-up and ready to take on the day. You know, concealer actually hiding my chronic dark circles and lipstick precisely where I want it—i.e. not on my teeth. My next stop is the bakery for a cup of coffee—a small regular cup of joe with whole milk, in case you were wondering.

Finally, I call my mom. A momma’s girl at heart (when I was a baby, she literally couldn't put me down without me starting to wail endlessly,) I use this time to catch up, find out what she’s up to for the day, and just generally gab. But every time I hang up I notice something that puts a giant damper on my beauty routine—my foundation (or general face makeup cause who knows what it is at that point?) is smeared all over the screen of my phone.

1. Gross. 2. No.

I needed to know why this always happens! Is it a flaw in the way I apply my product? Am I applying too much? Do I abnormally smash my phone to my face when I talk? What is the deal?

I went to a few pros to get the details, and of course, to ask them how to stop this from ever happening again. This girl loves her foundation, and she wants it to stay where it belongs: her face.

According to celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein, it has to do with the anatomy of the bod.

"The heat from your body destabilizes and melts makeup,” she tells me. Another pro, Kristine Cruz of Antonio Prieto Salon, says it could be because my foundation could have emollient ingredients that cause the product to transfer off my face. Hmmm…

So next steps?

For starters, Suzy told me I should try to use a Bluetooth. I could probably plug-in my iPhone headphones and chatter that way, too.

The next tips impact my actual beauty routine. "Apply less moisturizer underneath foundation, and before calling someone use Tatcha blotting papers or—in a pinch—half of a two-ply tissue to blot off excess oil in your makeup so it's less likely to slip and slide through off. This also helps push the pigment down into your skin so it doesn't transfer so easily,” she explains.

In terms of products, Suzy says to try a lightweight moisturizer, like Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion ($10;, and trying a matte, oil-absorbing formula. She notes NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint ($44;, which coincidentally happens to be one of my faves.

Kristine suggests using a primer under foundation, as well as applying a weightless powder to set product and absorb oils throughout the day.

I’ll definitely be giving all of these tricks a try with hopes of total success. Those morning calls to Ma are important.

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