If your family has been buzzing about the idea of a vacation to the so-called happiest place on Earth, it’s only natural to look nervously toward your wallet.

There’s no denying how pricey a traditional Disney vacation can be. Between surge-pricing tickets, hotels rates and nothing on property seeming to cost less than $10 a pop, many families have no choice but to stress out for the sake of their kids’ good time.

That said, a Disney visit doesn’t have to blow out your travel budget if your travel via RV. In fact, by taking advantage services like Outdoorsy for RV rentals Orlando you can eliminate many the pricey problems associated with visiting Disney World.

Consider the following four reasons why an RV trip flat out makes sense for Disney fanatic families who want to maximize their fun and budgets at the same time.

You Instantly Save on Accommodations

For starters, staying on Disney property can put a huge dent in your wallet even if you’re looking at their “budget” resorts such as Pop Century or All-Star.

Rather than shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a cramped room, an RV offers both space and savings at the same time. Given that you still have to shuttle to the parks while on property, close proximity to the parks doesn’t even save you a ton of time.

You Avoid Any Parking Nightmares

On a related note, parking at Disney World can be a massive headache whether you’re staying on or off-property. For those staying on Disney grounds, long treks through lots and hour-long bus waits aren’t totally uncommon. And for those staying off, you expect the same in addition to fighting traffic and paying $20 a day.

On the flip slide, RV travelers can enjoy the likes of Uber or shuttle services to get them from Point A to Point B. While this will obviously still take time, but you don’t have to worry about the likes of heavy traffic or dealing with over-inflated parking prices.

Your Food Options are Endless

Although Disney is renowned for many of its on-site restaurants, especially the food at Epcot’s World Showcase, it’s over-the-counter fare is nothing to write home about. That said, a meal consisting of a burger and fries for a family of four could quickly stack up to $50 and still leave you hungry for more.

With an RV, you essentially decide exactly what you want to eat on any given day. With access to nearby grocery stores and your ability to cook your own meals, the amount you can save by avoiding eating on property is staggering.

You’re Not Trapped

Despite popular belief, there’s so much more to Orlando than Disney World. After all, it’s not known as “the City Beautiful” for nothing and technically Disney World is located in Lake Buena Vista, anyhow.

Between the city’s booming downtown district, sports teams, breathtaking lakes and amazing foodie scene, spending some time in Orlando proper can be a great time for just about any family. Furthermore, you may inevitably find yourself cooling off on Disney after a few days: having the freedom to travel on your own terms is always a plus.

Don’t assume that a Disney vacation is beyond your budget. By traveling via RV, you can enjoy the parks with your family and keep money in your pocket. It’s a win-win.

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