Michael Phelps's now infamous scowl as he got in the zone for the 2016 Rio Olympics is the game face that launched 1,000 memes. Seriously, social media couldn't get enough, and we get it.

But now a Phelps superfan has gone above and beyond to prove his adoration of the Olympic gold medalist—he actually had the "Phelps face" tattooed on his arm. Clearly, that's way more commitment than just purchasing a MP by Michael Phelps bathing suit, though we currently already have a suit in our shopping cart.

But back to the tattoo! Toronto-based tattoo artist Livia Tsang did the honors, creating the image for her boss Ricky Fung.

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"When we chose the image, we had a bit of a laugh about it, but he told me that he wanted it because it showed his moment of focus before the race.” Tsang said in an interview with Time. "The most important thing was to really capture his eyes.”

You may remember Tsang as the incredibly talented artist who gave Shawn Mendes his first ink. She's outdone herself again. This tat's resemblance to Phelps is spot on.

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