, makeup pros and rookies alike have been empowered to create some pretty innovative beauty techniques, usually cut into a four-photo grid format, or a concise 15-second video. We put together a list of the three latest techniques you've probably scrolled past on your feed, and how to try your hand at each one.


Although contouring is still an ever-trending topic in the U.S., across the pond in Britain, women are repurposing their bronzers to practice the sunstripping technique. Sunstripping involves running a bronzer horizontally from one cheek to the other (across your nose as well) to impart an "I just got back from vacation" glow. The method works well especially for long faces as it helps to break up the shape. Just be sure to blend out the product really well to avoid a masked marauder effect.

found a way to incorporate that trend with the ever-popular contouring technique. By replacing the standard bronzer and highlighter stripes with a palette of neutralizing green, lavender, yellow, and peach tones, Tiana is able to cancel out any discoloration prior to blending on a layer of foundation. Though not as intense as your shaded Kardashian contour, Tiana's method allows you to go easy on all the highlighting and concealer you'd typically apply afterwards.

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