shared his advice for seamlessly covering a zit with makeup, and it's a serious game-changer. , Martin reposted a testimonial that the tip works, and it'll have you seeing eyeshadow primer in a new light.

Judging by his work for celebs like Jessica Alba, Gemma Chan, and Meghan Markle (on her wedding day, no less), Martin has mastered the perfected-yet-natural skin base, so you're going to want to follow his lead. Below, his method for covering acne or other blemishes.

1. Treat

Martin is known for emphasizing the importance of skin care when it comes to makeup, so it only makes sense that he suggests treating the spot before applying any color. Before starting on makeup, apply your treatment of choice (here are some derm-approved acne spot treatments), then wait a few minutes. For a red spot, "First, treat the inflammation with either a cortisone gel or redness-reducing eye drops. It really gets the red out," Martin previously told Glamour.

2. Prime

Now for the genius trick. Before you add any coverage over the pimple, dab on some eyeshadow primer to create a slightly tacky base. Just like it does with eyeshadow, it will lock the concealer in place and prevent it from creasing. Eyeshadow primers tend to have a thicker formula than face primers, making them ideal for adding a smooth, budge-proof layer to raised blemishes.

Photo: Instagram/@danielmartin

3. Conceal

Finally, apply a concealer on top of the primer. Layer on a creamy formula to avoid eventual creasing, and you're all set.

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