Whether you've heard that Virgos are annoying worrywarts or Pisces are total crybabies, no sign is safe from stereotypes. But Geminis have an especially tough time sidestepping preconceived notions about them. Blame Kanye West — who might very well be the patron saint of Geminihood in the public sphere — but the air sign is often pegged as the one to avoid swiping right on, in great part thanks to their difficulty committing, dualistic nature, tendency to talk (and talk and talk) versus act, and indecisiveness, among other traits that are seen as completely counter to settling down into a monogamous relationship.

But every sign has its weaknesses and strengths — and clicks with some signs more than others. Ruled by messenger Mercury, Geminis might be mood chameleons, but they're also masters of language whose mental energy is always buzzing. They're adaptable super communicators who thrive on socializing, self-expression, conversation, and connection. If you need mental stimulation in your relationships, you're probably going to fare well with a Gemini.

But given their bad reputation, it's no wonder there's a lot of curiosity around which signs fare best with a Gemini partner. Here, Gemini's compatibility with all 12 signs of the zodiac.

Gemini and Aries Compatibility

Whether you're feeling smug or panicked right now, it helps to know that no matter how compatible — or not — you appear to be with Gemini, sun sign compatibility isn't everything. You'll get the best idea of how well you're matched to a partner by considering your entire natal charts. (Running a synastry report on a site like CafeAstrology.com or doing a reading with a professional astrologer can offer the most accurate, individualized insight.) And if you're ever tempted to pile on Geminis, all it takes is a quick glimpse at your birth chart — which is divided up into 12 houses, each ruled by one of the 12 signs — to realize that everyone has a little bit of notorious Twins energy in them.

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