Is there anything Ian McKellen can't do?

The Oscar-nominated knight showed us how much he deserves his own cooking show when he posted a video to his Facebook page demonstrating how to make his favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs on crisp toast.

"You're lucky because these are the best scrambled eggs in the world, and like all good recipes, it's a family one,” McKellen says in the video. "It comes from my stepmother, Gladys."

Scrambled eggs on toast

The short film, recorded at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, has already nabbed over half a million views and showcases McKellen's very specific opinions on toast (spoiler alert: it better not be limp). Even if you are already a breakfast pro, McKellen's methods are worth a watch. Read on for our favorite scrambled eggs tips from the actor and watch the full video below.

1. Keep stirring. According to the actor, there's no need to worry about over-whipping your eggs: "The more you stir, the creamier the eggs are going to be."

2. Use the correct pan. McKellen uses a small, deep saucepan in the video instead of a frying pan, traditionally used in making scrambled eggs. "In a frying pan, they cook too quickly," he cautions.

3. Don't even think about wrapping up your toast to keep it warm. "Never wrap up toast," the acclaimed actor warns, "because the water vapors stay inside and the toast will be limp."

4. Manage your time well. While you cook, McKellen suggests you make good use of your time at the stove. "You can listen to the radio, [or] you can talk to your beloved."

Watch McKellen's full scrambled egg tutorial below.

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