Thanks to the launch of Glossier’s luxurious face cream, you’ll be spending less time at the laundromat. Throughout winter my pillowcases look like a skincare crime scene. From creamy moisturizers to sleeping masks, I turn to nighttime extra reinforcement in hopes that the products will help hydrate my dry, flaking face that’s the casualty of the season’s polar vortexes. But, usually when I stop hitting snooze and finally get out of bed in the morning, said products are on my bedding rather than my face.

That’s where Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Rich comes in. The dense formula is the skincare equivalent of swapping your wool jacket for the puffiest parka in sub-zero temperatures. Ultra-hydrating ingredients like red algae complex, ceramides, and fatty acids that protect the skin barrier and lock in moisture, are cocktailed with an anti-redness complex and an oxygenating agent that cuts out redness. It also comes with a clean, refreshing scent that's an instant mood-lifter on bleak winter days. Basically, it’s the ultimate moisture fix for your sad winter skin.

Soft, dewy complexions aside, what sets Glossier’s cream apart from other heavy-duty moisturizers, is that it melts into skin quick like the brand’s primer, so your face (or your pillows) are never greasy. Although I’m an advocate of hydrated skin, I usually reserve using thicker moisturizers at night because I’m not willing to set my morning alarm earlier during winter just so a cream can fully absorb into my face before I apply makeup, which is why Glossier’s cream has already earned its place in my permanent skincare lineup.

The best part: Starting today, you can grab your own jar for $35 at Consider it the cure for your complexion’s seasonal affective disorder.

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