I should start off by saying that I’ve never received cyrotherapy, though I’ve definitely been tempted given its reputation for supposedly alleviating muscle soreness. And while there’s nothing that I hate more than the cold (I actually cry on those sub-20 degree days in NYC), ice baths are my exception. Now that you know the buzz word perks my ears up, you’ll understand why I was so intrigued when I discovered 111Skin’s Regenerative Collection, which includes two products that essentially mimic the benefits of a cyrotherapy sesh.

"The science behind Cryotherapy is very well-known and has been explored and experimented with by everyone from movie stars to elite athletes due to its highly restorative benefits. We have developed products that simulate these benefits outside of the Cryo chamber. The range is highly transformative, it feels fresh and light and it has long-term effects on the skin’s appearance," claims the brand's founder, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, in a recent release.

So basically, it mimics the skin toning and wrinkle-reducing qualities of traditional cryotherapy. Specifically in the body serum, the ingredient "pephatight," is meant to tighten the skin— causing a reaction similar to what happens when you're exposed to extreme cold. But these babies don't come cheap. The facial serum rings up to a little over $200, while the body serum retails for $150.

The facial serum is designed with ingredients to tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles, and promote cellular renewal. Hey, if a treatment can copycat what an ice machine does, while living compactly on my bathroom shelves—and all I have to do is put it on in the morning and at night, I'm not gonna say no.

So does it truly harness the technology? Well, you'll have to decide that for yourselves. Given I haven't tried the machine that continuously makes headlines, what I can do is tell you how my skin felt when I applied the serum on my face and on my bod.

The serum is a milky white color and spreads over your face with ease. I applied it in circular motions to my freshly cleansed skin, and it absorbed in a matter of seconds. I probably could have topped it off with my everyday moisturizer, but my skin has been a tad oily, so I figured let's not mess with it. Fireworks didn't start going off in the background or anything, but my skin did feel a little more alert and awake, and I'm eager to see what will happen with continuous use.

But the body serum? I could get used to that as part of my day to day! I'm a lotion girl, so I prefer product on my arms and legs that, well, doesn't feel like anything at all. You want to a treat that feels lighter than air? Sign. Me. Up.

I glided it over my arms and legs and that's where I really felt the cooling factor. A bit quicker than filling your tub or sink up with ice cubes from a manual ice cub tray, right? Listen, resources are limited in NYC apartments, and you do what you gotta do.

I'm going to keep using the line for a few weeks to see if my stubborn forehead wrinkles decide to fade away with hopes that, in addition to feeling "alive and awake," I can maybe erase the stress that's made itself at home on my 25-year-old face.

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